Nathalie Osborn

Nathalie Osborn is the director of Smart Grid Initiatives at NextEnergy, a Detroit non-profit that accelerates cleantech solutions that create smarter, healthier, more accessible communities and cities.

Osborn is an accomplished energy industry professional with nearly 20 years of experience in delivering, developing and financing over $450M in energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability programs and projects which serve the commercial, industrial, k-12, municipal and residential markets.

Osborn’s tenure in the energy industry included working on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, co-authoring the California Solar initiative, developing energy-savings performance contracting projects, consulting on industry studies and implementing utility funded renewable energy, distributed generation and energy efficiency rebate programs and services.

Osborn holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University. She is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design an Accredited Professional (LEED A.P.), a member of Advancing Women in Energy, and the co-author of the International Bestseller ``Ignite Your Leadership: Proven Tools for Leaders to Energize Teams, Fuel Momentum, and Accelerate Results.

Director, Smart Grid Initiatives at NextEnergy

Board Member, AWE