What I Do

I am a Manager in the Strategy group at Consumers Energy, charting the future for Michigan’s largest electric utility.  My group assesses industry trends and technology advancements like electric vehicles and smart grids to define the utility of the future.

Energy Interest

My interest in energy, and more broadly in infrastructure, began while I was serving on Active Duty as a U.S. Army medical service officer.  When deployed to Iraq, we utterly relied on fuel and other energy sources for combat vehicles, radios, navigation systems, and medical equipment.  It was truly a matter of life or death.  At home, you only have to go through one power outage to appreciate that our reliance on energy is just as true here. The energy grid enables our connected and civilized way of life, just as energy sources enable military missions abroad.

My ultimate goal is to lead an organization that unites science, business, policy, and defense to build energy and water infrastructure that is able to meet the demands of the future, in balance with the natural world.

AWE's Impact

AWE was instrumental in me finding my current role.  As fate would have it, I found out about the AWE kickoff event mere hours before it started, and was able to attend that night in Lansing.  The women I met there connected me to others in their network, until I found myself at dinner with the person who would become my boss at Consumers Energy.  I can say firsthand that AWE is having an impact and living up to its mission to promote and develop women in energy.

Member Highlight: Sarah Nielsen

Manager, Strategy Group

Consumers Energy