Mary Templeton is a program director with Public Sector Consultants and the president and CEO of Michigan Saves, a multimillion-dollar nonprofit organization managed by PSC that provides financing solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements. In this capacity, she designs financing programs; oversees organizational governance issues, operations, fundraising, marketing, human resource, technology, and programmatic strategies; and is responsible for the fiscal management of the organization.

In her previous role, she served as the program manager for BetterBuildings for Michigan, a statewide multimillion-dollar grant program managed by Michigan Saves. She was responsible for working with stakeholders from public, private, and nonprofit organizations to develop and deploy effective residential and commercial energy efficiency strategies. Her work included leading and aligning diverse teams to work collaboratively in delivering program goals, evaluating program effectiveness, identifying and implementing best practices, and ensuring that all program parameters were delivered in accordance with grant terms and conditions, including financial review of all program expenditures.

Prior to joining PSC in 2010, Ms. Templeton's career spanned more than 20 years in several industries and included roles such as executive vice president of sales and marketing with Wind Energy Consulting and Contracting, senior vice president of OEM Sales for R.L. Polk, and several leadership roles with SAS Institute Inc. In 2008-2009, she served as the vice chair for the Wind Energy Resource Zoning Board, representing the public at large, assisting in the identification of the best locations for wind energy development in Michigan.

Ms. Templeton holds a BS in Business from Wayne State University and an MBA from Eastern Michigan University.

President and CEO, Michigan Saves

Advisory Board Member, AWE

Mary Templeton