Kristine Schmidt

Kristine Schmidt, President of Swan Consulting Services, has over 30 years of energy industry experience, has strong business acumen and proven skills in executive leadership, in constructive collaboration, in state and Federal regulation, and in strategic planning and operations. Swan Consulting Services provides strategic, regulatory and advisory services to businesses entering or expanding in the electricity and natural gas utility industry across the US.  

Prior to the founding of Swan Consulting Services, Ms. Schmidt has held a variety of senior management and corporate executive roles with policy and development responsibilities for generation, transmission, distribution, regulatory and external affair functions for multiple public utilities. Ms. Schmidt earned a master's degree in public policy from Georgetown University; a master's degree in business administration from the University of Minnesota; and a bachelor's degree in English literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She currently serves as a member of the Western Energy Imbalance Market Governing Body.

President, Swan Consulting Services

Advisory Board Member, AWE