Jill brings over 30 years of experience in the energy industry working in a variety of roles and locations. The constant has been a focus on improving policies and programs to advance clean energy alternatives through customer/client engagement, service delivery, infrastructure development, and market transformation. She took a short detour from the energy field as Public Sector Consultants' (PSC) director of evaluation where she was responsible for leading the firm’s evaluation projects across multiple domains including health and human services, education and community development, and energy and the environment. Noting the many intersections between energy and these other domains, she formed Saldo Research to leverage this broader evaluation experience to address emerging themes in clean energy development including health impacts, workforce development, and energy justice.

Prior to joining PSC, Jill served as a principal in Cadmus’ energy services division. In this role, she was responsible for leading dozens of process and impact evaluations of clean energy projects for diverse clients and provided strategic marketing analysis, regulatory support, and assessment of new products and services. Before that, Jill was manager of planning and evaluation at Snohomish County Public Utility District, where she established a team to support the implementation of best practices, achievement of aggressive goals and targets, and effective regional collaboration in support of the company’s clean energy programs and commitment to meeting demand for electricity with energy efficiency and renewable resources.

Jill has testified before the Public Service Commissions in Michigan and Maryland and the Missouri and Michigan legislatures. She holds an MS in Applied Economics from Johns Hopkins University and a BA in Economics from Michigan State University.

Founder and Legal Researcher, Saldo Research LLC

Board Secretary, AWE

Jill Steiner