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3rd Annual AWE Members Meeting

On October 23, AWE held its 3rd Annual Members Meeting at UrbanBeat Event Center in Old Town, Lansing. More than 40 AWE members, prospective members, and current and former AWE Board members gathered for the event. AWE President Tanya Paslawski kicked off the event with a review of the many AWE members-only events, networking events, and other engagement opportunities in 2018. We were then treated to a fireside chat with Annette Verschuren, Chair and CEO of NRStor, Inc. AWE Vice President Katherine Peretick asked Annette questions about her childhood growing up on a farm in Nova Scotia, experiences in leadership at Home Depot, and work on the Canada-United States Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders Members. Annette is a truly impressive leader, promoter of women, author (check out her book, "Bet on Me"), and speaker. We were lucky to have her join us and happy to see all of the current, new, and prospective members at the event!